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12 Questions Tag

You have to post ALL the rules.

Answer 12 questions you have been asked and then create 12 questions for people  you tagged.

Choose 12 people.

Actually tag these people.

Can't say you don't do tags. 
Tag backs are allowed.

1) Favorite character from any fandom?
-Starlight Glimmer, Rainbow Dash, Ryoken "Revolver" Kogami, Optimus Prime

2) Did you have a cartoon crush or do you have one now? 
-Between Starlight and Dashie

3) Favorite live action movie?
-Jurassic World

4) What is your favorite snack?

5) Favorite ship from any fandom?
-TwiDash, Yusaku x Aoi

6) Favorite band?
- A Day to Remember

7) Favorite actor or voice actor?
- Marc Wahlberg, Benedict Cumberbatch, Frank Welker, Tara Strong, Roger Craig Smith, and many, many more Voice Actors. (What can I say, VAs are great. :XD:)

8) Your least favorite character?
- Discord, Rick Sanchez, Modern Patrick Star

9) Your least favorite ship or one that you don't really ship?
-FlutterCord. (No, just... no.)

10) Favorite character in MLP?
- Starlight Glimmer

11) If you could be in any place in MLP where would it be?
- Dragonland.

12) Favorite book?
- Kite Runner

My Questions:
1.) Favorite Food?
2.) Favorite Cartoon/Anime?
3.) What would you like to do as a career?
4.) Favorite Movie/Movie Franchise?
5.) Any other hobbies besides using the Internet?
6.) Favorite Video Game if any?
7.) Favorite Animal?
8.) Favorite Color?
9.) Favorite Fictional Character?
10.) Favorite Season? 
11.) Name 1 Character you dislike
12.) If you could be anywhere right now, whether real or fictional, where would it be?

I Tag:


You don't have to do it if you don't want to.
I think most of us have been in this situation:

We meet someone we really admire, fanboy over them, but end up causing a bit of ruckus, until we learn from our mistakes, mature, and try to fix the problem.

Except this guy.

Blazing BladeVA/Bladetheunicorn/MetalHeadForever20/LordFrosty20, whatever he calls himself, (it would he seem he has an infinite number of aliases), is an amateur voice actor here on DeviantArt, Twitter, and YouTube.

He admires a lot of people, most especially Wubcake, a fantastic artist and voice actress, and her boyfriend, North. Except a while back, he was blocked by Wubcake many months ago, for reasons unknown, followed by North.

How does he respond?

Blade's Excuses 2 by OddEyesDragoon

Blade's Excuses 4 by OddEyesDragoon
Blade's Excuses 5 by OddEyesDragoon
Blade's Excuses 7 by OddEyesDragoon

Blade's Excuses 8 by OddEyesDragoon

There is more salt here, then there is in a pretzel factory.

Blade, you've apologized many, many times to these two, and you are self aware that you cause a lot of mistakes. Both of these are very good.

But what do you also do?
Make a troll account to ridicule someone, blame others for all the trouble you cause, leech onto other people's conversations on Twitter, threaten people on your "list" if they disagree or block you, and as the title of this Journal suggests: go back on your word.
Blade's Excuses 3 by OddEyesDragoon

Blade's Excuses 10 by OddEyesDragoon

Blade's Excuses 9 by OddEyesDragoon

The moment you apologize or say that you'll fix the all the shit you've caused, IMMEDIATELY you go back to the way things were before: complaining, apologizing, and taking your frustrations out on other people, whether it's here, YouTube, or Twitter.

Let me tell you in words you'll understand: "That mask of yours can't hide how sad and lonely you are." You act like a tough guy with your love of wrestling, metal music, and "edgy, dark" characters, (hence the reason people call you an "edgelord" in the first place), but you're just a guy who's lonely, but has a habit of causing more trouble than its worth. A lot.

Blade's Excuses by OddEyesDragoon

I suggest would for once follow YOUR advice: stop pestering Wubcake and North, and move on. They have enough things to deal with, and you going around crying out to them like a baby, blasting their names out on social media, will add to their stress.

The lesson hear, folks?
Remember that the people you interact with have lives to, and sometimes, they need some alone time.
When you're on the Internet, you need to act your age, learn to suffer the consequences when you mess up, and learn to move on.

PS: Putting me on your "list", Blade, will cause you even more trouble than you're already in...
P.S.S: I see that you never followed the advice I gave you, now did you?

UPDATE: 05/16/2018

Blade's Excuses 11 by OddEyesDragoon


Blade, how long are you going to keep lying to yourself?
Everypony,please help me!! by LiaAqila


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Just a fan, nothing more.
May or may not due art in the future.


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